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DC has been a musician since his younger days.

Music major in college, and embarking on a

gigging career since his early 20's.DC finished in the top 5 in Guitar Center's 2005 "Guitarmageddon" National contest, hosting 3000 entries.

DC teaches students of all levels, covering Guitar, Bass and Saxhpone.

For more info on DC visit,

Jay Michaelis

Jay Michaelis is the drummer for State Line Empire and has just released an EP featuring Slash and Produced by Mike Clink. He is professionally endorsed by Thumper Custom Drums, Paiste, Aquarian and ProMark. His performance highlights include BFD at The Shoreline, Cow Palace, Slim's & Great American Music Hall.

For more about Jay visit his website,

Mark Sessler

Mark Sessler teaches Guitar and Bass. He has his Masters in Music from the SF Conservatory of Music. He was previously chosen as Artistic Ambassador to Africa for the US Information Agency.

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